Importance of Environmental Enrichment

Cats are carnivorous hunters, explicitly designed for hunting, killing, and sleeping; unfortunately, they’re between eight and fifteen pounds and aren’t dangerous enough to roam around outside safely. Indoor cats often get incredibly bored because they want to hunt and kill things, but they can’t. This makes environmental enrichment incredibly important for their happiness.

If you’re going to let your cats outside, your best bet is to do so safely. As a Meyerland TX Vet, we believe walking your cat is a straightforward and easy option, so long as you do it either early in the morning or late at night. Getting your cat outside in a harness and leash gives them smells and moving objects that they will love to chase; it’s a great way to enrich their lives.

Indoor Enrichment

up and away from the ground, so bookshelves, refrigerators, doors, and more, are incredibly enticing for your pets. Cats feel safe in small areas they can curl up in as well, which attracts them to boxes and bags. You can also add interactive toys, catnip, and cat grass.

Enrichment Together

Playing with your cat is a fantastic way to enrich them as well. Using safe wand toys and throwing toys help them satisfy their hunting instincts. You can also use catnip or silvervine to improve them as cats love both.

Enriching cats can be as easy as letting them sleep near you or providing them large shelves to jump on and sleep on. From interactive toys to taking them for a walk, cats, if you are concerned for your pet’s enrichment, feel free to ask us at your next appointment!