Curbside Appointment Protocols

Curbside Protocols

Please help us stay safe during Covid by following these 5 protocols for your appointment.

  1. Call or text 713-723-8612 when you arrive. Let us know your pet’s name and what your car looks like.
  2. Please make sure and have a mask for all passengers in the car with you. This keeps both you and our staff as safe as possible.
  3. Please make sure your pet is on a leash or in a carrier. Please do not have your pet loose in the car. We do not want your pet escaping when the car door opens!
  4. Please, if possible, transfer the leash or carrier to the technician, so they do not have to enter your car or truck.
  5. Please feel free to call or text to check the status of your pets visit while they are inside. We are happy to provide progress updates while you wait.

We appreciate your efforts during the pandemic to keep our team safe and allow us to care for your wonderful, furry family members. Our sincere thanks!