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Meyerland Animal Clinic is proud to be your source for quality veterinary care in the Houston area. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional veterinary care to the members of our community. We are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of every animal that comes to our office in need of care. Our state-of-the-art facilities use the most advanced procedures in order to best serve your furry friend. We value the experience of our clients, so we make sure that our care is always affordable and accessible. When you come to Meyerland Animal Clinic, you can trust that your pet is getting the absolute best care in the area.

Every animal that comes to us seeking care is treated as if they were a member of our own family. We make it our mission to provide excellent care to both cats and dogs. We offer full examinations, preventative care, dental care & cleanings, diagnostic testing, soft tissue surgeries including spay and neutering procedures, bathing & nail care, emergency services, and more.

A healthy pet is a happy pet, so we offer complete wellness services for all animals at every stage of life. We treat every animal with personal, individualized care to help treat them effectively and efficiently. We design each pet's treatment plan around their age, breed, lifestyle, and their specific needs. We collaborate with pet owners to choose the best course of treatment for their pet’s health and healing process. We value pet owners’ input, so we aim to involve our clients as much as possible to ensure their pet is getting appropriate attention and care. The team here at Meyerland Animal Clinic will answer any question you may have and educate you on the best way to care for your pet at home.

Our various health care options available here at Meyerland Animal Clinic cater to every patient’s needs and individual requirements. Our in-house diagnostic testing can help quickly determine what might be going on with your pet so that they can get the proper care that they need. We offer digital x-rays and ultrasound technology to diagnose your pet’s internal issues in order to properly care for them. We also encourage continuous education among our staff so that we stay competitive with the current veterinary industry.

If you are passionate about high-quality veterinary care, call our office to learn more about our services. Meyerland Animal Clinic looks forward to providing your pet with exceptional care! Call our office at 713-723-8612. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Meyerland Animal Is A Certified Cat-Friendly Practice!

Meyerland Animal Clinic is certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) to be a cat-friendly practice. We are passionate about providing quality healthcare for felines and encourage a healthy lifestyle at home. We aim to meet the unique needs of cats in our community and we are constantly making improvements to our facilities to better serve our feline patients.

When you arrive for your first visit, we will see you right away. We know your time is valuable, so we try to make your visits with us as efficient as possible. We have two feline-only exam reviews specifically catered towards the care of your cat. These rooms have Feliway diffusers in them, which emit a pheromone that helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Our technicians are trained to properly handle cats in a gentle and comforting manner. Our “Cat Advocates” are attuned to the needs of our feline patients and can easily explain any information or answer any questions that you may have regarding your pet’s health.

The upstairs boarding facility for our cats is above our exam rooms so that they can have their own private space away from the other canine boarders. We understand that sometimes a shared environment between cats and dogs can cause stress in some pets, so we do what we can to make them feel more comfortable. Our kitty condos contain multiple rooms and sitting perches for our borders to relax and enjoy their stay. We offer private blankets and private areas for sleeping, eating, and using the litter box. We even offer some condos with window views!

Our office has a digital tabletop scale to easily weigh your cat so that they don’t need to be restrained and they can easily hop on and off the table as they please. We also use soft towels to help handle anxious cats to help them feel more comfortable. Our feline-only examination rooms are fully equipped to properly care for your cat without needing to go into any other parts of the facility. We work in a centralized location to minimize any stress or anxiety during the appointment. We also provide cats with treats to help distract them during the appointment so that we can treat them more efficiently.

Our positive “cat-titude” here at Meyerland Animal Clinic means that your cat’s health is our top priority. We are proud to be a trusted source for quality veterinary care in the Houston area!

  • " I am soooo happy with this place. They got my Westie better after two other vets totally missed the right answer. I had to drive a long way to see them, but my breeder recommended trying to see their doctors. After just one more test, Dr. Werner figured out that she had some gland problem and would need a shot once a month for the rest of her life. Sure enough, she has been great ever since!! I will never forget that she took the time to figure out this problem. Now I have my sweet little girl back again!

    This clinic deserves a five star review. The price is reasonable and we cannot be more satisfied with their services. We are not even charged for a progress check. Too sad that our dog has a terminal illness that they cannot cure him. But they have done whatever they can to keep him as comfortable as possible during his last days. Dr. White is a very kind person. Highly recommended. "

    – Sharon R.

  • " The care and compassion given by all the folks here, not only for the pet, but for the owner as well is the hallmark of this clinic. We gladly recommend this clinic to all our pet owner friends and each of them is most grateful and now they recommend the clinic as well. When you stop in, be sure and ask to see the owner and administrator of the clinic, Freddie the Cat!!! "

    – Tom S.

  • " I was visiting a friend in Houston when my retriever Annika became listless and would not move to eat or drink. The Meyerland Animal clinic is absolutely amazing! The staff and Dr. Moss are extremely compassionate and caring towards patients and owners. I was so impressed and glad to have my dog all fixed up in no time. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! "

    – Kristann S.

  • " Meyerland has always had our pets best interest at heart. They go beyond and above to ensure things are explained in human terms and really have a wonderful staff. We used to live in Houston and when we moved to Sugar Land it became a drive, but was not a problem as we are always comforted that our “CHILDREN” are good hands. They have been very comforting and supportive over the many years and helpful when decisions or times may not have the best outcomes. We are so lucky to have such doctors and staff available. Kudos and thanks to everyone! "

    – Kim A.

  • " Meyerland Animal Clinic ROCKS!!! I have been taking all my critters there since about 1999, and I have never been more pleased and comfortable with any clinic anywhere. The staff is caring, knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Vining is the best vet I have ever dealt with – the kind that “knows” what is going on with your pet and will do whatever is necessary to help you and your pet feel better forever. Another great thing is that, if he is not available, I can see any of the other vets without worry. Thank you Meyerland from Jazi, Joe, Frotz, and Phoebe! "

    – Linda H.

  • " I have been very pleased with the time devoted to my questions and concerns each time I visit this clinic. All doctors are sympathetic to the issues I raise, and give me the details I desire regarding my pet’s care. "

    – Sally A.

  • " I brought my new dog Mozart to this clinic in 1995. The care and compassion she received from the extremely knowledgeable vets, technicians and staff was the simply the best. Dr. Moss helped me when it was time for Mozie to move on. He now treats my dog Honey Bunny and my cat Kalani. When he’s not available, I am totally comfortable taking them to the other excellent vets at the clinic.

    Bottom line: They all love and offer the best care for my babies. I would not take my pets anywhere else. "

    – Martha Y.

  • " I have been going to Dr. Werner for the past 35 years and can not begin to praise her, the staff at Meyerland and everything connected to them. I have a Bull Terrier that has had every conceivable problem you can imagine. Dr. Werner, Dr. Vining and the entire staff have always been there for Shiva and I. Dr. Werner is amazing in her ability to diagnose a problem and come up with an answer. I have had many animals over the years and can not imagine going anywhere else. I am an animal lover and with the exception of my family my animals are the most important thing in the world. I would recommend Meyerland Animal Clinic to anyone. They are never too busy to help you and always compassionate. "

    – Barbara A.

  • " Your clinic provides personal and continuity of care that you would hope for from a veterinary practice – no chopping and changing of vets and nurses and always a great understanding of your relationship with your pets and how much they mean to you.

    At the same time, the Animal Clinic staff are professional and efficient. From everyday general care, emergencies or just ordering medication and food, you have never let me or my pets down. "

    – Anonymous

  • " Meyerland has always had our pets best interest at heart. They go beyond and above to ensure things are explained in human terms and really have a wonderful staff. We used to live in Houston and when we moved to Sugar Land it became a drive, but was not a problem as we are always comforted that our “CHILDREN” are in good hands. They have been very comforting and supportive.

    Over the many years and helpful when decisions or times may not have the best outcomes. We are so lucky to have such doctors and staff available. Kudos and thanks to everyone! "

    – Kim A.

  • " I am a regular at MAC, with what is considered a zoo of 4 cats, 2 Papillons, and a foster Pap every now and then. I have been using this vet office since 2000, and have had nothing but excellent care with anything from a simple bath fro my Paps to a cat with extreme GI and urinary problems that led to special surgery at the Gulf Coast Vet Hospital where Mr. Kitty turned into “Ms. Thang” … when I ultimately had to put him to sleep, the entire staff could not have been more thoughtful if he had been their own. I don’t hesitate about recommending them to anyone! "

    – Anonymous