Most pets like to sneak a small amount of human food once in a while. From small pieces of meat to tiny vegetables, animals like to be spoiled, but did you know that some of the food you may offer your pet can cause serious harm?


From chocolate to grapes and various foods in between, dogs will eat almost anything you offer them, but that doesn’t mean they can process the food. In specific amounts depending on dog breed and size, chocolate can put your pet’s life in immediate danger. Dogs can’t process chocolate the way we do, and it can seriously harm your dog. Other foods, including grapes, coffee, raisins, dough, and salt, can hurt your pet. There are even certain brands of peanut butter that use Xylitol as an ingredient. Xylitol is deadly to dogs.


The most common foods that cats are subjected to that directly harm them are onions and garlic. Cats don’t like sweet stuff, they can’t process the taste ‘sweet’ like dogs and people can, so the likelihood that they’ll intentionally eat chocolate or anything sugary is low. Garlic and onions are entirely different. Even in minimal amounts, these two plants can seriously harm your cat and put their lives in danger. Sugar is also difficult to tolerate for cats; though they can process small amounts, they usually don’t go after sweet foods, which is far less of a concern than vegetables like garlic and onions.

Feeding your pet’s food that you would normally eat is a bad idea; it can encourage pet obesity and even put their lives in danger. Always ask us before your feed your pet a new food; you never know if that food could be potentially dangerous for their health and well-being.