If you’re going away for a week or just the weekend, making sure your pet is safe while you are gone is priority number one. Our state-of-the-art pet boarding facility in Houston, Texas, is one of the best places to board your pet in the area. Why do we have one of the best and most trusted pet boarding facilities? What makes it so great?


You want to be sure your pets get the best of the best before you leave them somewhere, which is why we provide tours of our facility for anyone who wishes to use them. You’ll be able to see our kitty condos and the spaces we provide for dogs to romp and play. You’re not the only one taking time away when you go on vacation, and we want your pets to be happy, well cared for, and to have fun while you’re away.


From blankets and beds to toys and open spaces, your pet will receive enrichment in a variety of ways at our boarding facility. Dogs receive walks from trainers, playtime with other dogs, and even a complimentary blanket. Cats also get playtime with trainers, window view cat condos, and plenty of space to stretch and relax while you’re away.

Quality Time

We take pride in ensuring your pet doesn’t get lonely while you’re away. We take the time to play with every pet and ensure they get appropriate exercise and entertainment. This helps both them and you while you’re away. You can rest assured that your pet is being cared for with the highest quality of care possible.

Picking a border for your pet isn’t easy; you need to be sure they’re going to be played with, fed, and that you can see the clean facility in advance. If you have any questions about boarding your pet with us, feel free to call us at 713-723-8612.