Most homes have first aid kits for people in case of minor wounds, but do you have a first aid kit for your pet? Pet first aid kits are simple and easy to make and can help you and your pet with everything from minor cuts to emergencies.

Bandages and Splints

No one wants to think about having to use bandages or splints on your pet, but having them and not needing them is far more preferable to needing them and not having them. Hopefully, your pet will never need a splint or bandage, but if they harm their leg or get otherwise injured, you should have these available in your first aid kit to help support your pet’s injury while you bring them to our veterinary office.

Copies of Medications

If your pet has any current medications, it is essential to make a photocopy of the label and put it in your first aid kit. This will help you ensure that if you need to go to the vet quickly, you’ll only need to grab your pet’s first aid kit to have copies of all of those medications. You should also add any vaccination records and microchip information on your pet to ensure everything is in a centralized location.

Over The Counter Medications

You can only acquire a few medications over the counter for your pets, but they can be incredibly beneficial. For example, a saline solution to flush out the eyes or ears may be a part of your first aid kit. You may also want to keep deworming medication or flea and tick treatments in your first aid kit as well.

As a dog and cat vet in Houston, we work tirelessly to serve you and your pets. If you have any questions about what you can have in your home to help your pet should an emergency occur, feel free to ask us at your next appointment!